Magical Use of Rose Oil

On this Valentine’s day share the magic of roses and spread the love. The rose embodies love and romance. Rose Oil has always been a symbol of love and beauty. Rose petals were scattered at weddings to ensure happiness. The essential oil of Rosa damascena is the oil for love and rosebuds can be added to bathwater to conjure a lover.

Rose oil helps to give psychological and emotional support and deep relaxation. A tea of rosebuds drunk before sleep induces prophetic dreams .

The Rose is a Goddess herb belonging to Venus and the Water element. Rose oil inspires emotional calm and stability with its powerful and comforting aroma. Bulgarian “rose otto” is known as the finest rose oil in the world and one drop has powerful properties.


  • To treat depression – inhale, or use rose oil in a carrier oil to massage the chest, neck, and face.
  • Use 10 drops of essential oils and add to lotion or your bath water and enjoy the effects.
  • Apply a few drops mixed in coconut oil to your temples or inner wrists and inhale the precious aroma.
  • To treat irregular periods – mix the rose oil in a carrier oil and massage the abdomen and lower back daily.

The experts at Beauty Kliniek have created special romantic Valentine essential oil blends to give as a symbol of your love for your special person. “Everlasting Love” with Rose oil, Frankincense, and Rose Geranium, or “Ready to Romance” with Rose, Patchouli, Ylang, and Lime will create an atmosphere of bliss. Give this blend together with a bunch of roses and a gift card for a Royal Coconut Milk and Honey Ritual spa treatment.

This Valentine’s day will be remembered for eternity. Let us help you to incorporate aromatherapy into your life on a daily basis.