What a wonderful time of the year to enjoy all the fragrant blossoms that abound. Jasmine is in full blossom around my house and the fragrance permeates every room. On my early morning walks I can smell a symphony of fragrances. This is a time of the year to enjoy and appreciate all that is around us.  Neroli is extracted from orange blossoms and is one of my favorite essential oils.

You truly know you are alive when the neighborhoods come alive with new green leaves, fragrant aromas and green grass.

The orange blossoms are in full blossom and have a powerful but delicate, sweet floral fragrance. It is almost hypnotic when you inhale the fragrance from the orange blossoms.  

Neroli has so many uses:  spiritually, physically and emotionally. Neroli essential oil is an excellent uplifting oil and wonderful to uplift the senses. Use neroli oil for dry, devitalized and mature skins. It improves elasticity and is used as a skin regenerator. Blend 6 drops of neroli in 1/2 an oz on jojoba or hazelnut oil.  

Use Neroli to alleviate grief. Apply to your pulse point and inhale the sweetness. Neroli relieves emotional depression, instills peace and purity and helps us to connect with our Higher Self.   Use neroli for insomnia due to depression, disappointment and sadness. 

It is said to be an aphrodisiac and can also be used for PMS. Neroli regulates blood pressure, aids with poor circulation and eases palpitations. 

Enjoy this precious time of the year and rejoice!