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Signature Body Therapies

Our most luxurious combinations of services at Signature Day Spa San Diego.

Our botanical-based body therapies with exotic products from Fidji and exquisite essential oils will leave you feeling restored and relaxed. Our talented massage therapists will help you to feel as though you’ve just come back from the islands!

Royal Coconut Milk & Honey Ritual   

Approx. 80 minutes – $190

If you are looking for the ultimate relaxation ritual, then indulge all of your senses with this amazing journey.

Basically at Beauty Kliniek Signature Day Spa San Diego, your treatment will begin with a warm, full-body exfoliation, using organic cane sugar, Fijian Honey in addition to coconut milk. Secondly, your skin will then be drenched with a centuries-old, highly moisturizing skin tightening body mask. In addition, you are wrapped in warm sheets enhanced with warm stones as the Fijian Honey and royal jelly body mask nourishes your skin. Additionally, as you are entering into a state of total relaxation, we will massage your scalp to release tensions. Finally, your treatment will then conclude with exotic island oils applied to your skin with warm stones. As a result, you and your body will leave refreshed, especially relaxed, and finally nourished from head to toe.

Pacific Island Paradise

Approx. 1 Hour, 20 minutes – $190

An indulgent experience to put you in vacation mode

Feel the aromatic breeze and relaxation of the South Sea Islands with a markedly luxurious papaya pineapple scrub. In addition, warmed towels to leave your skin silky soft and as a result, cleansed at Beauty Kliniek Signature Day Spa San Diego. Finally, complete your journey with a massage with warm kukui nut and coconut oils aromatic oils and additionally a papaya pineapple enzyme cream. Even the Kahunas would be envious.

Fijian Guava Delight

Approx. 80 mins – $190

Enjoy the aromatic experience of guava and Fijian sugar.

Experience the invigorating, multi-layered aroma of this exotic fruit treatment designed to fight visible skin aging. A gentle cane sugar scrub exfoliates dry skin and followed by an antioxidant guava masque with VItamin C. This soothing mask helps to reduce the signs of aging and it softens your skin. Finally, intoxicating blossoms and the freshness of green leaves carried on warm tropical breezes complete your experience as you are massaged with a warmed Fijiin guava oil, followed by a relaxing scalp massage.

You will emerge relaxed and your skin will be super smooth, hydrated, toned and in addition nourished with a more youthful glow!

Pumpkin Spice Body Indulgence 

Approx. 80 minutes – $175

Simply Delicious! Your body has never felt so velvety smooth!

This aromatic peel contains pumpkin extract in addition to malic acid to smooth away any rough areas of skin and as a result, restores a youthful appearance. In addition a Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub will melt into your skin, sealing in the properties of the peel and as a result quenching any dehydration. While wrapped in a warm cocoon, you will enjoy a luxurious scalp massage. Finally, this unique treatment will, as a result, reveal glowing, baby-soft skin.

Salt Glow Massage

Approx. 50 minutes – $120

At Beauty Kliniek Signature Day Spa San Diego enjoy an invigorating massage using our special blend of salts, and as a result, rids the skin of dead cells. In addition, this leaves your skin silky soft and glowing. Furthermore, you luxuriate in our infrared sauna, toxins are gently coaxed from your body and as a result, purify and cleanse. Finally, a rubdown with a liniment eucalyptus lotion completes this therapeutic and energizing treatment.

Bliss on the Rocks

Approx. 50 minutes – $125

A wonderfully relaxing and nurturing therapy

Indulge yourself with this extremely relaxing and therapeutic treatment for your body and soul. Firstly a scalp massage with customized essential oils energizes your entire body as acupressure points are stimulated and as a result send revitalizing messages to the entire body. In addition hot stones and warmed oil gently glides on pressure points of your feet and legs to help restore balance and harmony while additionally reducing tensions.

Signature Day Spa San Diego

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Signature Day Spa San Diego

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