Varenya Essentials Stem Renewal Gel Cream

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This non greasy gel-cream immediately surges moisture as it plumps and firms the appearance of the skin.

Feels refreshingly cool & light, while providing on-going hydration along with anti-aging multi-peptides. Stem cells calm the signs of inflammation, stimulates cellular renewal & encourages increased collagen, creating instant & lasting, younger looking skin!

Key Benefits

  • Peptides: A synergistic combination of two active peptide tetrapeptide-7 to activate skin remodeling, improve the effects on the skin.
  • Plant Stem Cells: Stem cell extracts have been shown in v resveratrol or Vitamin C. Anti‐aging properties that include firming antioxidant activity
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Super-hydrator, bonds 1000 times its weight
  • Argan Kernal Oil: An oil rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamins E and  other vital nutrients that nourishes, protects elasticity and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles

Positive Affirmation Infused

Varenya Essentials infuses positive affirmations into a holographic sticker on every product. Infused into this hologram is the vibrational frequency of “abundance”, “vitality” and “expansiveness.” It is our hope this will have a positive effect on everyone who buys our products.

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Collection Suggestions

  • Age Defying Collection
  • Blemish Control Collection
  • Brightening Collection
  • Men’s Collection

Skin Conditions

Aging, Dull, Devitalized, Rough Texture, Dehydrated, Fine Lines


Use daily after your favorite serum or apply liberally at night as a hydrating mask to replenish moisture as you sleep.