Varenya Essentials Brightening Serum

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Hydroquine free brightening cream with specialized oligo peptides and a lipid and water soluble Vitamin C for skin brightening without irritation.

This effective skin-brightening product was created to promote rapid cell turnover for improved skin renewal, texture and tone. Renew the even-toned look of youth with a peptide and antioxidant-rich serum that blends two forms of Vitamin C and Biomimetic Peptides for maximum anti-aging benefits.

Key Benefits

  • Hydroquinone-free serum provides optimal skin whitening and brightening without irritation
  • Oil and lipid-soluble Vitamin C increases collagen levels, reduces pigment  production which causes brown spots
  • Brightens skin and Minimizes skin imperfections
  • Complexion becomes smoother, clear and lighter
  • Evens skin tone to banish red or brown discolorations and reduce surface imperfections

Positive Affirmation Infused

Varenya Essentials infuses positive affirmations into a holographic sticker on every product. Infused intothis hollogram is the vibrational frequency of “abundance”, “vitality” and “expansiveness.” It is our hopethis will have a positive effect on everyone who buys our products.

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Collection Suggestions

Brightening Cleanser
Brightening Tonic
Brightening Moisturizer

Skin Conditions

Dull, Devitalized Skin with Imperfections, Age Spots and Discoloration


After cleansing, work serum into moist skin for several seconds. Follow with Moisturizer or other skin treatment. Use morning and evening for best results.