Varenya Essentials Detox

$35.25 excluding tax

A blend to help you to purify and energize

A good general tonic and de-tox designed to rid the body of impurities optimizing health and well being. A blend for the physical body. This should be applied after dilution via massage or bathing and as part of a detox program.  This blend purifies the air and when mixed with an unscented soap is an excellent deodorant.

Detox is a clearing blend of Juniper berry, PIne, Spike Lavender, Geranium, Black Pepper

Methods of Use:

Aromatherapy Burner, Diffusor, Bath, Footbath, Massage with Therapeutic Carrier Oil

CAUTION: Never use Aromatherapy Blends undiluted on the skin. Check with your health-care practitioner about using blends during pregnancy and postpartum.

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