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Beauty Kliniek Aromatherapy Day Spa and Wellness Center, San Diego Salon and Day Spa

Beauty Kliniek has been internationally recognized as one of the finest day spas in the country. Our spa and wellness center has been featured in some of the finest and most respected publications in the industry.


San Diego Day Spa and Wellness Center

Beauty Kliniek Offers an Oasis From Stress

Golden Triangle News

Beauty Kliniek, 3282 Governor Drive in the Golden Triangle, is a unique, world class health and beauty spa that beckons male and female clients from teen-age to octogenarian age.


The unusual clinic is a combination of philosophy, holistic training, nutritional consultation, detoxification, meditation, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, Tai Chi, Yoga, thallassotherapy tub bath treatment from France, iridology (reading the eye for body information), weight management, ayurvedic facials (a 5,000-year-old treatment from India) and aromatherapy. In addition, Beauty Kliniek also offers hairdressing, electrolysis, manicures, pedicures and make-up classes.


The complete wellness clinic is the brainchild of founder-owner Linda Anne Kahn, who belies the fact that she is a wife and mother of two grown children by looking more like age 30. She opened the spa in San Diego in 1982 "to help people lead a more calm, healthful life through the balancing and harmonizing of the body and mind."


"Yes, I do believe in the 'whole person' at all times," she said, explaining the spa as something she had always wanted. "After traveling around the world and studying the health secrets' of the ancients from China, India and Europe, I came to San Diego, where I loved your city and decided to make it our home." She is originally from South Africa.


Kahn opened the Beauty Kliniek with $2,000 in a 375 square foot salon. "I felt my hobby -wellness techniques - had turned into my career," she said. Beauty Kilniek has had great success over the years with a present day clientele of 200 a day and a staff of 35. Due to this, an expansion program will double the size of the present salon with a grand opening date of April 2 (actually, it is April 30th). The new section will also include a psychological center, a medical director, a relaxing room, more hair stations, workshops, an educational room and lecture hall.


As one client put it, ''Beauty Kliniek is a well-rounded spa that offers everything, even lunch, hot herbal tea and other health drinks. It is an oasis." "I have been going to the spa for the last three years and have never been disappointed," said La Jollan Jennifer Andrews, child development specialist for San Diego Unified School District and a college professor. "It is nice to have a place that offers so much for beauty and wellness. It is especially nice to get a relaxing massage and aromatherapy treatment amid the soothing music and lovely fragrance of the spa.


Other clients expressed gratitude for their permanent makeup, such as eyeliner and eyebrows. All hair coloring is done with natural products so it is not harsh or drying to the hair.


One of the most popular treatments for men and women is aromatherapy. This is the art of using essential oils from plants for the pursuit of wellness - emotional, mental and physical. "Aromatherapy is the revival of an ancient art and science that is believed to have begun over 5,000 years ago in Egypt, " Kahn said. "We know that natural aromatics were used in adornments for the body, for healing, for purifying the air and were burned during religious ceremonies. When the tomb of Tutankhamen was opened in 1922, a number of scent pots and vases were discover that had been placed h the tomb over 3000 years ago, and their odor was still lingering. "We gather oils from roots, flowers, leaves and herbs from around the world, which are ingested through the nose to the olfactory system, the emotional center of the brain, where thought, feelings, emotions and memories are evoked. The essential oils work in harmony with the body, helping to regulate its delicate balance and stimulate the healing process."


Kahn's husband, David, a pharmacist, is financial administrator and her son, Paul, 33, is spa director.


For more information on Beauty Kliniek's schedule, telephone (858) 457-0191.




3282 Governor Drive, San Diego, CA 92122 - (858) 457-0191


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