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Beauty Kliniek Aromatherapy Day Spa and Wellness Center, San Diego Salon and Day Spa

Beauty Kliniek has been internationally recognized as one of the finest day spas in the country. Our spa and wellness center has been featured in some of the finest and most respected publications in the industry.



San Diego Day Spa and Wellness Center
This aromatherapy day spa plans to be a WELLNESS CENTER.

B y J. G e ar y - S p e a r

Beauty Kliniek owner Linda-Anne Kahn is strong on hospitality. Clients are encouraged to relax in the spacious lounge next to a bright collection of aura soma colors or sip tea while listening to a trickling waterfall. Decorated in soothing mauve and teal, Beauty Kliniek, located in San Diego, California, is dedicated to the total well-being of its clients. The 5,000-square-foot space houses two wet rooms (one with a hydrotherapy tub), two eucalyptus saunas, six massage rooms, seven facial rooms, a nail care room with two pedicure stations, two waxing rooms, an electrology room, two changing rooms with complete shower facilities, one hair station and an aromatherapy bar.


There's also a specially designated area for lymphatic drainage and the treatment of lymphedema. Having established her business 15 years ago when the day spa concept was still in its infancy, Kahn has continually been at the forefront of the movement. Beauty Kliniek was one of the first five spas in the United States to utilize a hydrotherapy tub for services. During the past five years Kahn has been gently guiding her business toward a complete wellness center, The day spa currently has a staff of 24 and is planning to hire five more therapists.

Part of the formula that makes this modest-size day spa so successful is its stringent hiring practices, "We no longer employ body therapists at Beauty Kliniek unless they're also holistic health practitioners with more than 1,000 hours in training and a therapeutic massage specialty. Because our therapists now offer a wide range of specialized services, we can provide our clients with more personalized care," says Kahn. Currently, Beauty Kliniek has holistic practitioners in polarity, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral, aromatherapy, shiatsu, reflexology, reiki, deep tissue and sports massage. 'Clients are aligned with the therapists who most closely suit their needs," explains Kahn. 'This strategy not only increases client loyalty but also the number of times clients visit our spa each year."



Kahn bills her business as an aromatherapy day spa because her therapists custom blend oils for nearly every service they offer. She defines an Aromatherapist as "a facialist or massage therapist who has trained specifically in the field of aromatherapy and is knowledgeable about the chemistry of essential oils, human physiology and anatomy, and the psychological aspects of aromatherapy. Therapists must also have extensive hands-on experience with the use of essential oils."


An Aromatherapist herself, Kahn offers clients aromatherapy treatments based on a detailed consultation process similar to that performed prior to body treatments. Equipped with a fully stocked aromatherapy bar, Beauty Kllniek also offers a custom-blending retail service that includes a consultation plus the cost of the product. Several of her health practitioners are qualified to perform this service.


"We don't treat an illness or a condition," explains Kahn. "As aromatherapists, we simply strive to create balance and harmony in the body" Her specialists blend more than 100 vials of aromatherapy oils for home use each month-a volume that's steadily growing.


Completely dedicated to bringing essential oils into all her services, Kahn recently began training her nail technicians in clinical aromatherapy to enhance their nail treatments. "My goal is to offer properly blended oils to our clients whenever they seek services at our day spa. Combining nail care with this service will definitely provide something our clients won't be able to find elsewhere. And it's another step toward our goal of becoming a complete wellness center for our community."


Because of her strong belief in Wellness programs, Kahn generously donates her time to the University of California-San Diego Medical Center.


Beauty Kliniek also offers those suffering from the effects of lymphederna a series of special lymphatic drainage treatments to help alleviate the symptoms of this debilitating condition. Cancer survivors who have had lymph nodes removed or others who suffer from lymphatic disorders greatly benefit from these treatments. "We don't treat the disease," reminds Kahn. But we can help alleviate symptoms. This service is always in demand at our facility, and I believe there's a need for it in every community in the world."




Quickly becoming a favorite treatment, this 80 minute service includes a brisk salt glow, a body bat using liquid clove soap, a vichy shower and an herbal steam room treatment. After these cleansing therapies, the client is given a massage with a blend of essential oils, and then a cup of warm honey and a pint of warmed cream are poured all over the body. The mixture is massaged into the skin and the client is turned over so the process can be repeated on the other side.

After a shower, a fresh cucumber mask is applied over the entire face, and the service is completed with a shampoo and hair-conditioning treatment.



This unusual package includes a complete facial with Indian herbs and a 1 hour, 30 minute abhyanga massage, which involves warmed sesame oil and rhythmic, deeply relaxing movements as well as those creating friction to stimulate energy movement in the body.

The massage is followed by a traditional shirodhara treatment in which warmed sesame oil is poured onto the forehead. The head, neck and shoulders are then massaged. This portion of the treatment releases blockages and calms the psyche.

Kahn has enjoyed steady growth with Beauty Kliniek since she opened her tiny, two-room salon in 1982. she has expanded four times since then to her current 5,000-square-foot space, and the day spa has gradually claimed an important place in the community it serves. Each year, the largest news station in San Diego selects six businesses based on remarkable growth and productivity as well as on how these companies benefit the local population to highlight on a special hour-long program. Beauty Kliniek was selected as one of the businesses to be featured in Success 97. The feature billed the day spa as a community gem and brought it into the homes of millions of people. The positive exposure brought hundreds of new clients to the spas door. In an effort to continually keep in touch with its clientele and reach out to the community Beauty Kliniek offers a free monthly lecture series in its spacious lounge. "The lectures help keep us together as a spa culture,' explains Kahn, "They also allow us to introduce our se,-vices to a broader audience."



When asked what the future holds for her business, Kahn candidly replies that she's working to immediately enlarge the scope of her yoga classes. Currently available only through private lessons, Beauty Kliniek will be offering small group classes within the year. Yoga is an integral part of mind-body therapy," says Kahn. She projects that within five years the day spa will be utilizing the consulting services of naturopathic physicians and holistic psychologists to more completely care for clients. Kahn also believes that the current trend toward more body services is extremely positive for everyone in the industry. "Until five years ago, facial services dominated our business," she notes. "But for the last two years body therapies have equaled the number of facial set-vices we perform at our day spa" Kahn encourages all spas to develop specialty body services that set them apart from others in their area, "I believe that developing services to reflect a particular expertise is essential to the future good fortune of any day spa' she says. Considering Kahn's track record, day spa owners might want to consider her advice as they enter the new millennium

J. Geary-Spear a freelance writer
based in Sante Fe, New Mexico


Beauty Kliniek Day Spa and Wellness Center
Ayurveda Esthetics
Experts share tips on successfully introducing ayurvedic treatments.

By J. Elaine Spear

Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old healing art based an positive health, natural beauty and long life, is still practiced in India and Sri Lanka. Aspects of this ancient medical modality, those focusing primarily on cosmeceutical effects, are now finding new life in American day spas as "ayurveda esthetics." "These treatments are a perfect match for our rush-rush society because they offer profound relaxation and balance," says Linda-Anne Kahn, owner of Beauty Kliniek in San Diego, California. Yet despite their seemingly ideal fit, introducing ayurvedic treatments can be challenging in some areas. Here are 10 tips to make the process easier.



You can quickly overcome the primary reason many clients are slow to warm to ayurvedic treatments by making it clear that the services are separate from any Eastern religion and do not inherently contain any of the mystical elements found in the Indian culture that originated them. "When we introduced ayurvedic treatments last year, we found that a lot of our clients-and even a few of our staff members, objected to the mystical qualities associated with the entire ayurvedic experience," says Peggy Mitchusson, owner of The Face & The Body in St. Louis. Missouri. "It didn't take long for us to realize that if we wanted ayurveda to be a success in our spa. We needed to concentrate on the benefits of these services and stay away from anything that could be perceived as Eastern mysticism."

"Part of this strong association stems from its roots." explains Melanie Sachs, co-owner of Diamond Way Ayurveda in San Luis Obispo, California, and author of Ayurvedic Beauty Care. "Ayurveda is believed to have been revealed to the seers of India thousands of years ago and is widely taught today by Indian spiritualists. This ancient healing modality also teaches that there are three subtle energies-called doshas that account for: all forms of matter (kapha),



If you decide that ayurvedic services ate right for your day spa, it's important to realize that it will take several months for your staff to get the training they need to deliver authentic, high-touch ayurvedic services. This extended training period is your best opportunity to successfully introduce ayurveda esthetics to clients. Jennifer Stoloff, owner of Jennifer's Inner and Outer Beauty in Portland, Oregonm, accomplished this three years ago by continually updating her clients during her training. "During training, I kept my clients informed about what I was learning, the services I would soon be offering and the benefits these services could offer," she explains. "By the time I was ready to put ayurveda on the menu, all of my stressed-out professional women had already signed up for treatments."


Kahn, a five year veteran of ayurveda esthetics, points out that in addition to descriptive conversations, your staff can be instrumental in introducing ayurveda by including samplers of upcoming treatments during other services "Working the marma points on the scalp - ayurvedic junctions where the mind, body and senses meet - while a client is receiving a hydrotherapy treatment, for instance, gives therapists the opportunity to introduce something new while keeping them in touch with their training." she explains. "These quick bits of hands-on marketing are also invaluable when it comes to persuading clients to experience complete ayurvedic treatments without having to give away the store."


Kahn and Stoloff also strongly emphasize the importance of involving your front desk, "You should include the front desk staff in your ayurvedic lectures whenever possible and use them as models in your in-house workshops." says Stoloff "If you don't, you'll find them playing it safe by recommending the service that Mrs. Smith raved about that morning, instead of a profoundly relaxing ayurvedic treatment when clients call for appointments, complaining of feeling stressed out.



Sachs also strongly recommends that you have staff members experience ayurvedic services as often as possible to accustom them to the different oils and distinct hand manipulations. She explains, "This will make ayurveda more mainstream in their own minds-a feeling they will automatically convey to others." "It will also help you weed out staff members who don't have a real feel for ayurveda and allow you to concentrate on those who embrace the ideals of this healing art," notes Kahn. Herbal mixtures and oils are the basis of most ayurvedic treatments.


"Taking the time to do this gave us a much better understanding of the whole concept of ayurveda and helped us pinpoint what we wanted to achieve with this healing modality in our day spa, she says. "We not only experienced many of our planned esthetic treatments on a medical level, but also primordial sound meditation and the importance of other therapies and diet as they pertain to our constitution."





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